Why Bulgaria?

Why Bulgaria?


Why do we do what we do?

All that we do in Bulgaria is focused toward planting new communities of faith (churches) and to build up those which already exist.  We do this not by focusing on the Church but by striving to “be the Church” as we live out the Gospel in the community – seeking to be a ‘Church without Walls.’

What do we mean by ‘Community Outreach’?

Historically, one of MTW’s primary roles in Bulgaria focused on providing quality theological education to serve the church by training leaders.  While this continues to be an important aspect of our work, since 2009, God has gradually transformed this focus by opening our eyes to see our community with the eyes of Jesus: we saw prostituted women on our streets and became aware that these daughters of Bulgaria were increasingly showing up in cities throughout Europe trafficked and enslaved.

As the Lord began opening our eyes to see, another question began to take shape: “Lord, if we didn’t see the daughters, what else are we not seeing that you want us to see?”  This question began to transform how we viewed our community.  We began asking, “What are the areas of brokenness?  What are the areas of opportunity for the Gospel?”  The nature of our community outreach model began to be molded around the answers to these questions.

Undergirding this approach is a conviction that to confront unbelief in Bulgaria, needed most are tangible demonstrations of Christ’s love by His people seen in the community.  As we live out the Gospel in our community, people are able to see something of Jesus in us and through us.  We long for someone to ask the golden question as we serve: “Why are you doing this?  What are you doing here?”  We do this to show tangibly the love of Christ, and to introduce Bulgarians to communities of faith.

What are all our activities focused toward?

We seek to show the love of Christ via several community outreach initiatives in order to introduce Bulgarians to communities of faith.  In areas of brokenness we seek to make known His hope to the university community, the medically needy, children with special needs and their families, and the prostituted and trafficked.  In areas of opportunity we seek to make known His hope to English language learners, those developing businesses, parents nurturing their children and youth and those seeking enrichment via sports.  All of these current community outreach initiatives, and those our eyes are opened to in the future, provide platforms for Christ-directed relationship to be formed.

Through this community outreach approach, we seek to introduce needy, broken and enslaved people to Jesus and to partner with and mobilize Bulgarian believers and churches to join us in reaching their communities with the Gospel of Christ.