Stories From the Field

What do pickles have to do with sharing the Gospel?

For two years I had asked my landlord for his pickle recipe, and for two years he had told me we would make them together. The season finally arrived – it is an end of summer activity – and he came by to tell me that it was time and the next day we would be making pickles. The next day, however, he was not able to make them after all and so sent his brother in his stead. For 5 hours that Saturday morning we worked on putting up pickles together and, with my limited Bulgarian, talked about work, the weather, and all sorts of things. I began to feel like I should share the Gospel with him, but I had no clue how. I prayed that God would open the door and not two minutes later he asked about the church we work with and told me that he thought all faiths were pretty much the same. I shared what I could and was able to give him a Bible before he left. I am not sure what has or will come of this conversation, but it was a great example of how God can use anything for His glory!