Stories From the Field

The Well 2015

Looking back, it’s hard to pick a favorite memory or event from this summer. It was awesome meeting Bulgarians and learning about their lives, history, and culture. As an introvert, I really appreciated and related to the quiet nature of the Bulgarians I befriended. I also enjoyed the opportunity to lead and teach English clubs throughout the summer and at English camp. I enjoyed talking about life and what made people tick, and I’m sad that I won’t be around to continue these conversations in person.

The teaching in the morning throughout the internship profoundly shaped the way I understand the world and my place in it. In addition to what we learned about the Gospel, missionary life, calling, and evangelism, I also learned a lot about Biblical leaders in my research project. In fact, I may have gone a little overboard and typed up a 24-page document for said project… if any future Well interns are reading this, I don’t recommend doing this!

Finally, the team dynamic of the Well was an incredible mix of love, fun, and encouragement that feels incredibly rare. Whether we were making a meal together, watching a movie, or losing ourselves on the dance floor/ karaoke mike, hanging out with them was always a joy. We shared each other’s joys and burdens, and I wouldn’t want to go “there and back again” with anyone else.