Meet the Team


Elizabeth Brinkley

Elizabeth served as an intern two consecutive summers (2017 & 2018) and returned in the fall of 2020 to work with Daughters of Bulgaria’s anti human trafficking efforts. She is also currently learning Bulgarian in order to be able to communicate more effectively in this field.

John & Ellen Buerger

The Buerger family joined our team in July 2019 after visits in 2015 and 2017 during the process of adopting Emily. They serve primarily in the areas of developing the Elias Riggs Center for Biblical Studies and making connections and relationships within the special-needs community.


Elisabeth Cary

Lizzy has served in Sofia since November 2014. She co-leads the English Language ministry with Lydia Goeglein. Lizzy also assists with the music and women’s ministry at New Life Church and is involved in mentoring interns during the Well, our team’s summer internship program.


Dave Culmer

Dave moved to Sofia in 2006 after serving as a family doctor in the US for a number of years. He currently serves as our team leader and is involved in supporting church planting, medical and evangelistic ministries, and directs The Well, our team’s summer internship.


Taylor & Katherine Dix

Taylor and Katherine both served in Sofia as singles, Katherine for 7 years and Taylor for 2. After their marriage in 2018, they moved to the US to attend Covenant Seminary. Taylor is pursuing an MDiv and Katherine a Masters in Counseling with a return to Sofia planned for 2022. 

Katherine serves with Daughters of Bulgaria in anti human trafficking work, while during Taylor’s time here, he served with the English Club ministry and taught at Sofia Christian Academy, a co-op for missionaries’ children. 


Boyan & Fani Georgievi

Boyan has served with our team since 2011. He is the main coordinator for our publishing house and is involved in selecting texts, overseeing translation, publishing, and distributing Christian texts—both on theology and on Christian living. Fani teaches at Sofia Christian Academy. Boyan and Fani are both highly involved in New Life Church.


Lydia Goeglein

Lydia has been serving in Sofia since December 2010. She helps run a school for the children of missionaries from several missions orginizations, is a part of the planning team and women's, children's and worship ministries of New Life (our church plant), and co-leads our English ministry.

Trevin & Ruthie Hoot

The Hoots arrived in Sofia as long-term missionaries in March 2019, although both served as interns here before their marriage. Trevin is working with the development of leaders in our church plant, New Life Church, and hopes to help plant more reformed and covenantal churches in Sofia. Ruthie hopes to be involved in community outreach to moms when the pandemic restrictions ease. 

Vladimir & Poli Hristovi

Vlado has served with our team since the fall of 2007. He is on New Life Church leadership and works with our short term teams and internships as well as maintaining an administrative role. Poli is also involved in New Life Church and serves on the steering committee of Daughters of Bulgaria.

Zach & Joy Sale

After participating in our summer internship, the Well, in 2017, God brought the Sales back to Sofia in July 2020 to serve as long-term missionaries. While they currently are working on learning Bulgarian, Zach hopes to work with the English Clubs ministry and meet people through involvement in sports. Joy hopes to become more involved in working with Daughters of Bulgaria. 

Jacob & Suzanne Webb

Jacob and Suzanne served with our English ministry team in 2013 at a summer English camp. They arrived with their daughters in the fall of 2021 and have started language lessons and adjusting to life in Bulgaria and anticipate helping with supporting the church and her growth in Bulgaria. 

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