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Where Is God Calling You?

"Go therefore and make disciples of all nations..."

Do you believe God is calling you to leave home and serve Him overseas?  Do you feel that He is calling you to serve Him in Bulgaria?  There are many opportunities to "go to the nations" in Bulgaria, from 1 - 2 week trips to summer internships to spending your life working in Bulgaria.  Below are some different opportunities to "get involved"!

Bulgaria Team Overview

Church members and university/college students in the U.S. increasingly go overseas to seek direct ministry involvement.  They desire to expand God’s Kingdom while experiencing the challenges of life in a cross-cultural environment.  God uses these experiences in believers to deepen faith and refine His calling for life and service.  We seek to facilitate one to two-week mission teams coming to Bulgaria which are strategically relevant for our community and helpful to local churches with whom we work.  To achieve this, we work closely with the mission team members to prepare and execute their visit.  God effectively uses mission teams to bless mission team members and Bulgarians with whom relationships are built.  Mission Teams have participated in activities such as medical trips, summer English Camp, VBS, theological teaching, sports camps, human trafficking vision trips, and business and vocational training.

Through bringing mission teams to Bulgaria, we seek to show Christ’s love in tangible ways in order to make known His hope to Bulgarians.  We also seek to serve and nurture those who come to Bulgaria on mission teams, resulting in stronger believers and churches in the U.S. who have a greater vision for Kingdom expansion in the world.


What is an MTW-Mentored Internship?

Summer Internship

The Well

Are you eager to begin discerning God’s calling on your life? Are you wanting to be challenged in your own relationship with Christ? Are you ready to serve and die to yourself with a glad and joyful heart? If yes, come and be immersed in “The Well”!  The Well is a mentored internship in Sofia, Bulgaria that is open to young adults, generally between the ages of 20 and 30 years old.  As a part of the intern team, you will:

  • Expand your understanding of what it means to love God, and love and serve others
  • Live in community with fellow Bulgarian and American interns
  • Experience the opportunities and challenges of living cross-culturally alongside members of a church-planting team
  • Actively participate in the work of the church-planting team to reach out to Bulgarians
  • Take a closer look at the Gospel’s application to you in every area of your life
  • Begin to discern your unique gifting and how God wants to use you for His Kingdom

Internship duration: 2 months

Dates: End of May through end of July

Cost: Approximately $7185 (includes airfare and all expenses from the time of your arrival at your local airport until your return) You should bring extra funds for personal snacks, souvenirs, etc.

The internship will include, but not be limited to:

  • Regular times of individual and corporate engagement with the Scriptures and discerning how they apply to the many realms of life
  • Learning what it means to live out the Gospel in another cultural setting
  • Engaging in outreach ministries through English Club ministry and sports ministry
  • A week-long English camp in some of the most beautiful mountains of the Balkans region of Europe
  • Weekend trip to Ruse, Bulgaria to visit some of our teammates and a partner congregation and gain exposure to the historial and cultural richness of Bulgaria
  • A 5-day trip to Istanbul, Turkey to experience what it is like to live and serve in a Muslim context

1-11 Months Internships

Increasingly, young adults are seeking nurturing cross-cultural environments to serve Christ in a deeper and more challenging way.  Most often, those who seek out these opportunities have had some cross-cultural experience through short term missions opportunities, but they are hoping for more – often hoping to understand more fully God’s calling in life and whether longer-term service overseas might be a part of the picture. Our team intentionally incorporates interns into all of our ministries as well as our lives. Whether service overseas or in one’s home country, our desire is to deepen an interns' understanding of who they are in Christ and how they serve Him fully.

Several internship scenarios are possible.  Often interns ‘extend’ up to 11 months concurrently after participating in a summer internship. Or, arrival is flexible based upon the scheduling needs of the intern (after graduation, between bachelors and masters studies, or after masters work is completed). An area of focus for interns is often working with our English Clubs, but they could also serve Bulgarians through sport, Spring of Hope (females), disabilities, or even are invited (and encouraged!) to join something or create something for others to join (such as taking national dance classes or hosting a cooking club). In all areas of our community outreach interns have the opportunity to serve.

Our aim is to stretch, grow and nurture interns so that they understand with greater awareness their identity in Christ and how they fit in the expansion of God’s Kingdom.

Short Term/Career Missions

God has added to our team family both people who seek to serve for 2 to 3 years (short term) and those who understand God’s calling as a way of life overseas.  Most often, these ‘career people’ have served shorter terms and have gradually grown into an awareness of a long-term calling.  Regardless of whether a person is considering a shorter term deployment to ‘figure things out’ (internship programs or 2/3 year Short-Term program) or have come to the conviction of a long-term, career deployment, we are open to dialog about the opportunities and the nuts and bolts of what life and service look like in Bulgaria.