Reaching the Community in Plovdiv…

At our core, we are church planters.  Our desire - our call - is to see churches multiply in Bulgaria and to see God's Kingdom come on this earth.  At the heart of church planting is reaching out to the communities God has placed us in - being Jesus' hands and feet as we seek to reach a broken people (because we ourselves are broken) with the Gospel of Christ.  Below are the ways that God is currently using us to reach the lost and build His church in Plovdiv; the final frame is about the Communities of Faith that are being strengthened and developed in Plovdiv.  It is last not because it is least, but because it is a is what everything leads to.

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Plovdiv, Bulgaria

In the center of Bulgaria, two hours from Sofia, lies the historic city of Plovdiv. Plovdiv was built upon seven hills and its history goes back to 4000BC. It is one of the world’s most ancient cities and is Europe’s oldest inhabited city. 4,000 years ago Plovdiv was the leading city of Thrace and today Plovdiv is the cultural and arts capital of Bulgaria.  

Plovdiv is the perfect place for walking, shopping, sightseeing and meeting friends at one of the many cafes located in the city center. Plovdiv was recently elected as the European Capital of Culture for 2019. With cobblestone streets, fortress gates, historic churches, art galleries and a Roman amphitheater it is no wonder that Lonely Planet included Plovdiv as one of the top ten cities to visit in the world.