Stories From the Field

English Camp 2018

“We talk about God and what the Bible says at English Camp. What do you think about that?”

Each year we ask students this question during the application for English Camp. It always provokes interesting conversations, even before we leave for camp!

This year our theme was God is Rescuer. Over the course of the week, we talked about how our lives are unmanageable and corrupted by sin. And the problem isn’t just that there are bad people in the world; the problem is that we all have evil in our hearts. God is vital because He is the only one who can rescue us from our own corruption.

Please continue to pray for those who attended camp. Many left with their beliefs about people challenged by what was shared from the Bible. Pray for them as they consider what the Bible has to say and pray for us as we continue to share with them about God and what the Bible teaches.