Stories From the Field

Community of Faith: Dirty Hands

When you arrive at our MTW Bulgaria website, the first thing you see is a banner. Notice the dirty hands. They’re not just a pretty graphic but the reality of what it means to be God’s people in a broken world. But why dirty? Now, notice our team’s motto.  “Showing the love of Christ to make known the hope of Christ.” Demonstrating the love of Christ can be messy – especially when people despise you for it. Being a Community of Jesus followers means a lot of dirty hands are dealing with messy things, things that come from sin, brokenness and trying to love people who are not terribly lovable. Why do we have dirty hands? Jesus had dirty hands. He demonstrated his love to us, even while we were yet sinners, He died for us.

Please continue praying for the Community of Faith – humanly speaking, a fragile expedition. Pray for the leadership (Vlado, Trevin, Dave, and Boris) as we lead and exemplify trust in God and guide this new community of God’s people.