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When MTW began working in Bulgaria in 1996, church planting was the heart of this new effort.  The Lord provided a relationship with the Union of Evangelical Congregational Churches of Bulgaria (UECCB) – a historic protestant church founded with the help of American missionaries in the latter 1800s, after the fall of the Ottoman Turk Empire. This Union of believers remained faithful through the rise and fall of the Soviet era and continues its commitment to be a light for the Gospel to “New Bulgaria.”

The Elias Riggs Center for Biblical Studies bears the name of an American Presbyterian missionary (1810 - 1901) who was used by God to profoundly impact not only the national revival of Bulgaria, but was highly influential in establishing Protestantism in Greece and Turkey.  The legacy of Elias Riggs fuels our desire to continue a dynamic commitment to the training of Bulgaria’s church leaders.  The Elias Riggs Center for Biblical Studies was started initially by MTW Bulgaria in partnership with the UECCB to train pastors and leaders of ethnically Roma/gypsy congregations.  Since 2010, in partnership with Miami International Seminary, the Center has evolved strategically by expanding beyond training only Roma students to include pastors and church leaders throughout Bulgaria.  Also expanding was the depth of training offered to students.  Initially only offering a certificate, today ‘Elias Riggs’ offers students bachelors, masters and doctoral courses of study.

MTW Bulgaria’s specific roles in this new endeavor are to translate courses and publish them online for broader access throughout Bulgaria to provide theological materials to train students and to stimulate discussion more broadly among pastors, church leaders and those interested in understanding more fully biblical Christianity as expressed in the Reformed Faith.


  • Give to help train pastors and leaders for Bulgaria: Elias Riggs Center for Biblical Studies
  • Pastors/professors/teaching elders with masters or doctoral degrees who will live long term in Bulgaria to advance the theological and pastoral training of Bulgarians assisting them in the development of existing churches and the planting of new churches
  • Pastors/professors with master’s/doctoral degrees who can teach selective courses for Elias Riggs during the scheduled intensives
  • One to Two-week teaching teams of pastors/teachers/teaching elders who participate in training events


When the MTW church planting work in Bulgaria began in 1996, it was immediately apparent that very little quality theological material was available in the Bulgarian language. As a result, a publishing company, Dynamic Consulting, Ltd., was begun.

Our strategy is to translate at least one high quality, reformed and covenantal book in every subject matter pertaining to Christian life and theology. All books are sold at our cost or below our cost to make sure that they are affordable to every Bulgarian.

Benefits of this ministry:

  • Quality literature produced during the formative years of the new generation of leadership (post-communism)
  • Seminary students have textbooks in their native language
  • Jobs are being created for Bulgarians in a time when some cities have 50% or higher unemployment rate
  • The books reinforce what we are doing in Church Planting and Theological education
  • Minimal time is required for MTW missionaries because the work is done almost entirely by Bulgarians
  • It opens doors across denominational lines for Reformed and Covenantal theology
  • The impact will last for generations

To view our catalog or place an order visit our official publication site (in Bulgarian): Dinamik Knigi.