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Stories from the Field

Mournful and Joyful

Last year at this time I had to tell the choir director at our downtown mother church that I couldn’t sing on Sunday, since I had been in England the week before and a virus was spreading. One year later I attended choir practice and found out that one of my fellow sopranos had passed […]

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Nov Zhivot New Member Class

In March Nov Zhivot Church hosted the first ever new members course. Eleven regular and new attenders of our church gathered Friday evening and all day Saturday to learn more about the church. Friday night we discussed what the church believes by going through the Apostles’ Creed, on Saturday we talked about what we practice […]

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Heroic Death

The picture above is of Vasil Levskl, a Bulgarian national hero. 35 years before Bulgaria won freedom from the Ottoman empire, Levski was sentenced to death for his role in seeking to free the Bulgarians from Ottoman rule. Ordained as a monk in the Orthodox church, Levski left his church role to become a revolutionary. […]

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