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Stories from the Field

Heroic Death

The picture above is of Vasil Levskl, a Bulgarian national hero. 35 years before Bulgaria won freedom from the Ottoman empire, Levski was sentenced to death for his role in seeking to free the Bulgarians from Ottoman rule. Ordained as a monk in the Orthodox church, Levski left his church role to become a revolutionary. […]

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Bread Blessed by a Priest

“I had a short spiritual conversation with a young person outside an Orthodox church that they had just been praying in. She gave me this bread that was blessed by the priest. We are praying for the reforming of the Orthodox Church. Thankful for these opportunities to talk about Christ with someone who is a […]

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women crafting Nov 2018


Drawn on a door in our Christian Cultural Center is our thankfulness tree. It started bare and a little sad, but every Sunday church morning and Wednesday English club night we’ve seen new leaves of thanks added to its foliage in reds, yellows, and oranges. On Sunday our church plant women’s group met together for […]

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